Bloom Into You Manga Thoughts

So I just finished the manga Bloom Into You whose final volume was recently released in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. A yuri romance tale with art and story by Nio Nakatani, Bloom Into You turned out to be a great read. Yuri is not a genre I am very familiar with so I found branching out a little bit quite fun!

The manga is focused around a small group of fleshed out characters which I like and the intertwining relationships and stories are satisfying throughout. Showing Touko and Yuu's growth through their time together was especially well done. From start to finish the art for this series is strong and backs up the story well. It is much less “soft” than you would expect from a manga of this type. The quick transitions from the regular art to chibi style is mostly used for gag purposes but is well done and not abused.

If you decide to check the manga out and enjoy it there are numerous spin-offs and different takes on the material available as well. The anime which only covers maybe two thirds of the story was licensed by Sentai Filmworks and is available both on Blu-ray and on HiDive. Their is also a spin-off light novel called Regarding Saeki Sayaka. You'll never guess which character that focuses on!

Please check out Bloom Into You at your local bookstore or order it online (preferably anywhere but Amazon)!

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