Browsing Geminispace With Lagrange

Lagrange is a Gemini client. It is also incredible and by far my favourite of the clients I have used! While most clients are fairly bare bones and minimalist (nothing wrong with that of course), Lagrange gives you everything you need to explore.

Written by a Graphics/UX/UI researcher from Finland who works at Nokia, I can't give this program enough praise. It makes discovering new things that are available through the Gemini protocol a joy. It goes far beyond offering basic back and forward buttons with its support for tabs, a sidebar for things like bookmarks, feeds, and history, and a host of customization options.

To start using Lagrange there are prebuilt binaries available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Flatpak and AppImage options for installation are provided as well.

If you have poked around Gemini before (or want to start) I would highly recommend checking out Lagrange.

This is my day 71 post for #100daystooffload

This work by Thomas Lloyd is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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