How I'm Feeling About Jiu Jitsu

I'm excited about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the first time in years. For awhile there I wasn't sure if I'd ever get back to it, but now that I am it is one of the best things in my life.

I started training in 2011 (I think) under a purple belt at the only Jiu Jitsu school near me. During my first class one of the few blue belts there (he's a black belt now) showed me the upa escape and it was the coolest thing I had ever experienced.

After a long absence from actually training the art I went to a seminar at Yuki Nakai's gym in Tokyo. What happened was that before getting on my flight from Toronto to Tokyo I somehow noticed that he was doing a few seminar's during the time I would be in Japan. I had a great time there and rolled with an nice American fellow who was training at the gym.

That was what got me started back on the path, but then the pandemic started! December of 2020 is when I really got back into things and returned to training as much as possible. It should also be noted that I consider myself to be very fortunate because I am in a location where it is possible to train during the pandemic.

So yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about things these days!

This is my day 72 post for #100daystooffload

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