Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

I finished my re-watch of the 110 episode (plus a movie) series Legend of the Galactic Heroes a little while ago. Some writings about the show can be found back on my post from day six. I kinda missed watching the show after I completed it though. Then I remembered there was an ongoing adaption that follows the original novels more closely! So I started watching that.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These is a new take on the series that started airing in 2018 and seems to be aimed at people who refuse to check out the previous anime. Unfortunately from what I've watched of Die Neue These it is mostly the same thing but worse. Maybe it will bring something both new and good to the table later on? Too much characterization has been cut plus I don't really like the new art style. The original soundtrack is good, but just doesn't compare to the classical music used throughout the previous show. I will say that I really like its opening theme.

All that said I am enjoying watching Die Neue These because the core story and characters are so great. I will continue watching and see how things go!

This is my day 90 post for #100daystooffload

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