MMA Book Recommendations

Why We Fight

Josh Rosenblatt

A reflective tale of a man training for one (and only one) mixed martial arts fight. Luckily for readers the writer of this book is journalist Josh Rosenblatt and not some jerk-off going through a midlife crisis! The reality of the undertaking is not lost on Rosenblatt nor is the violence of his endeavour overly romanticized. It is mostly the tale of one person seeking to improve themselves while questioning if they are on the right path every step of the way. Really enjoyed this one and found it quite inspirational.

Shamrock: The World's Most Dangerous Man

Jonathan Snowden

Fascinating and disturbing in nearly equal measure, the life of Ken Shamrock is put on display in sordid detail by Jonathan Snowden. From Ken's early life to his time at the top of the mixed martial arts mountain to his current run with Impact wrestling it is all here. It is not always a fun read due to the realities of Shamrock's adventures but it is always interesting. Snowden has written a best in class MMA / pro wrestling biography that I would encourage fans of either to read.

Is This Legal?

Sean Wheelock and Art Davie

A compelling look at how Art Davie created the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The book goes from the initial idea through the turmoil involved in the production of the first UFC event. Intriguing looks into the personalities of the people involved in the production are given along with how each fighter handled the stresses of that night. A lot of people had the fantasy of truly finding out which martial arts style was the strongest, but Art Davie was the first guy to actually pull off a tournament like this.

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