Monster: Episodes Four to Nine

Episodes 4 - 7 Thoughts

There were lots of event and characters I forgot about from this show so I am really enjoying this re-watch so far! People like the newspaper journalist Maurer who are only there for a short time (before being murdered by Johan) really enhance and humanize the story. Urasawa is adept at generating pathos and compassion for characters very quickly.

Episode 8 Thoughts

Dr. Tenma goes back to his job at the hospital and Eva continues to drink. Inspector Lunge goes to see Eva who seems to be animated more fluidly than the other characters this episode. With how many scenes there are of Eva remembering things this turn into a kind of recap episode. Before the credits roll we see Tenma hitchhiking a ride to Verden while hiding a gun in his jacket.

Episode 9 Thoughts

A sweet and quiet episode whose pathos is based around the relationship between an old mercenary and a little girl and how Tenma affects them. It also doubles as a short training arc for Tenma!

I believe episode 10 is where things really start to get interesting so we will pick up there next time!

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