Pictures From April to May 2020

April 24 2020

Right before seeing New Year Dash 2020 at the Ota Ward Gymnasium, I did some things. One of those things was trying out the Naito virtual reality app. If you ever wanted to get an up close view of Naito wrestling a member of the blue man group it comes highly recommended.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to fit in a Stardom show during my Japan trip. Happily I ended up being able to do so and you can read all about it in issue five of Torture Wracked magazine coming out later this year. But after checking out the Naito VR I noticed that a group of Stardom wrestlers were hanging out promoting a future show at Korakuen Hall. This is worth mentioning because one of the wrestlers I was able to talk to was Hana Kimura. I was struggling through a conversation with another one of the wrestlers because of the language barrier, when Hana spoke up in perfect English to help us both out!

The other thing I did was purchase five bags of official Yano curry that came with a golden spoon and a tote bag! Only 3000 Yen!

First Toru Yano curry

It was a hit with my family when we finally ended up cooking one of them. Not sure exactly what flavour it was though!

May 28 2020

Max on beach 1

Max on beach 2

Max on beach 3

Max on beach 4

Max on beach 5

It's Max! On the beach!

May 29 2020

shrimp and soba noodle salad

shrimp and soba noodle salad times three

Made a shrimp and soba noodle salad!

This is my day 37 post for #100daystooffload

This work by Thomas Lloyd is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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