Pictures from June to July 2020

June 12 2020


Tried making okonomiyaki for the first time. It turned out delicious and was probably my favourite food that I've cooked this year!

June 19 2020

toru yano curry round 2 big pot

toru yano curry round 2 small bowl

Round two of Toru Yano curry. Not sure which flavour this was either!

June 21 2020

Max by the pool

It's a Max! By the pool!

July 17 2020

seafood chowder

Made some seafood chowder... YAY!

July 20 2020

Max in water 1

Max in water 2

Max in water 3

Went hiking. Took pictures of Max.

July 24 2020


Hey, a waterfall!

Trees on mountainside

Look, some trees!

This is my day 39 post for #100daystooffload

This work by Thomas Lloyd is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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