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As far as entertainment and presenting grappling to a general audience goes Quintet is the premiere event in the world.

—Thomas Lloyd Yesterday's Blog Post

Well, that sentence from my blog post on Quintet didn't necessarily age well! The Professional Grappling Federation (which I just found out about this morning) probably equals Quintet in entertainment value with its unique format and presentation.

PGF is a submission only format created by 10th Planet black belt Brandon Mccaghren. In a season of PGF there are sixteen competitors. All competitors face each other once, so that is fifteen matches for everyone. In season two the matches are six minutes each and if you lose or draw you get zero points. If you win by kill (choke) you get six points. If you win by break (joint lock) you get three points. If you were to win in under one minute you would get one extra point. Also there are teams!

Each team has a captain who picked the people on their own teams. The team who scores the most points in one block gets one extra point for each of their teammates.

The production value is high and each episode has short interviews with the competitors which I think is a key aspect to PGF. A new block of matches is released every week and for those watching at home there is a fantasy league. The lucky viewer who wins the fantasy league gets the prize of $1000 USD!

I believe how it works is that after the eight weeks the top eight competitors points wise go on to a submission only no time limit tournament. I'm not sure what you get for winning PGF but hopefully it is at least $1000 USD!

It's good stuff and season two has started recently so check it out!

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