Rizin 27 Preview

Rizin FF is back to deliver more kakutogi action at an ungodly hour to me, but at a reasonable hour for its live crowd! Rizin 27 is set to take place in just a few hours time at Nippon Gaishi Hall with the crowd supposedly capped at five thousand, half of what the building would hold in non-pandemic times. Much like Rizin 26, the show is being broadcast through live-now. Let us now go forth and take a look at some of my picks for the top fights on the card!

Tsuyoshi Sudario versus Kazushi Miyamoto

Tsuyoshi Sudario is 2-0 so far in his MMA career after picking up a TKO win over Ikuhisa Minowa at the previous Rizin event. Here is an interview with his opponent, Kazushi Miyamoto. Miyamoto is a 20 year vetern of pro wrestling making his MMA debut. I've got to pick Sudario as the winner of this paticular bout.

Kleber Koike Erbst versus Kazumasa Majima

Both of these men are experienced fighters and each has one fight in the Rizin organization so far. Majima is coming off a loss while Erbst is on a two fight win streak. Most of Erbst's wins are by submission so I'm going to pick him to win!

Koji Takeda versus Takasuke Kume

Whoa, Takasuke Kume has a wikipedia page! That seems pretty impressive for someone who fought most of their career in Shooto and Pancrase. On the other hand Koji Takeda is 11-1. Both fighters are riding three fight winning streaks, but Takeda is around ten years younger so lets go with him.

Roberto de Souza versus Kazuki Tokudome

Tokudome is coming off a stint in ONE Championship and Souza is an excellent grappler who bounced right back after his one MMA loss. I'll say Souza picks up the win!

Ayaka Hamasaki versus Kanna Asakura

Ayaka Hamasaki last fought at Rizin 26 and defeated Miyuu Yamamoto to reclaim her Super Atomweight championship. Hamasaki already has a win over Asakura in a fight for the Rizin Super Atomweight Championship so I will choose her as the victor.

I believe the broadcast for the show starts on March 21, 2021 at 2am EST. If you have nothing planned (like sleep) check it out!

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