Some YouTubers I Follow Part One

This will be a multiple part series in which I recommend various YouTube channels! Looking at the channels I plan to talk about there seems to be a few themes and similar topics covered by many of them. Oh well they are all good in unique ways! Probably too much of my time is spent on YouTube, but one good thing about that is I now have many channels to recommend to you!

Trash Taste

Trash Taste is a podcast hosted by three popular YouTubers. It is hosted by Joey aka The Anime Man, Garnt aka Gigguk, and Connor aka CDawgVA. All three men live in Japan and much of the content on their individual channels is anime / otaku subculture related. The podcast itself also contains a lot of discussion of modern otaku adjacent topics such as VTubers, gatcha games, and other fun anime inspired stuff. Good non-podcast content such as the time the gang went drifting or that chess tournament they did is also contained on the channel.

I wasn't familiar with any of the three host's work before listening to the podcast, but now I look forward to new episodes releasing every Friday. Their actual taste in anime can vary (sometimes I disagree strongly with them!) but Trash Taste is always an entertaining listen.

Being The Elite

How to explain Being The Elite (BTE)? Well this channel happened back in May 2016 when three pro wrestling friends decided to create some extras for fans by doing a travel vlog / skit show on YouTube! Now that they have their own wrestling promotion in AEW, BTE is used for different purposes such as adding to story lines from their TV show, Dynamite. Episodes can be hit or miss and it doesn't appeal to all AEW fans, but there is usually at least one or two fun skits each week with the Dark Order faction being recent highlights of the show!

Beyond Ghibli

The channel Beyond Ghibli has a great concept. It attempts to broaden the horizons of those who may only be familiar with anime from the works of Studio Ghibli by recommending the works of other studios and directors. This creator has done great videos on Haikyuu, the Ghost in the Shell franchise, and works that aren't so well known outside the anime bubble such as March Comes in Like a Lion. But my favourite video of theirs that I have watched is the one they did on the series Beck. It really got to the heart of what made that show great.

Stay tuned for more channel recommendations!

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