Trip to Japan 2020: Ultimate Edition

January 10, 2020

Tokyo to Osaka 1

Tokyo to Osaka 2

Breakfast at Tokyo Station then a snack to take on the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka! I splurged a little bit and got a green car seat. Finding the right train was a little confusing, but a lovely couple made sure I found my way!

Arrived in Osaka 1

Arrived in Osaka 2

Arrived in Osaka 3

In Osaka I stayed at a hotel about a five minute walk from Dotonbori which was super cool, especially at night. One thing I really enjoyed was walking through the empty side streets instead of the super crowded main ones.

Kabuki 1

Kabuki 2

First thing I did after walking through Dotonbori was go to a kabuki play. I bought a ticket for the first act of the play (about 70 minutes). I was unsure what to do with my ticket and where to go initially, but I did know how to say "yes" in Japanese so that was my answer to everything. The outcome of this was me buying a small device that I think allowed you to listen to the play through headphones and maybe it gave background information? Who knows, it was all in Japanese.

Chocolate Bananas

These bananas covered in chocolate were normally 200 Yen, but when I got one they were on sale for only 100 Yen. Exciting!

Osaka Streets 1

Osaka Streets 2

Osaka Streets 3

Osaka Streets 4

First night in Osaka! I found a huge Tower Records store and managed to pick up a copy of the NJPW piano collection album. Also I ate some chicken.

Count 2.99

Had a few drinks at the pro wrestling focused bar, Count 2.99. Pretty cool place with lots of wrestling figures and salty free snacks!

Said goodbye to my travelling partner today and headed to Osaka by myself. Luckily plenty of fun-times awaited me!

This is my day 24 post for #100daystooffload


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