Trip to Japan 2020: Ultimate Edition

January 11, 2020

Osaka Castle 1

Osaka Castle 2

Osaka Castle 3

Osaka Castle 4

Osaka Castle 5

Osaka Castle 6

Fresh takoyaki outside Osaka Castle! I think at this point I was pretty used to being in Japan, but everyday was still so great.

Detective Conan

Found the cast of Detective Conan! I've never actually watched the show, but still!

Osaka Expo 1

Osaka Expo 2

Since 20th Century Boys is one of my favourite manga I really wanted to check out Osaka Expo Park. It was a little out of the way but totally worth the trip. Lots of cool gardens with plenty of children frolicking and families having picnics.

Seattle's Best Coffee

Unfortunately, I did not try Seattle's Best Coffee while in Japan.

Circus 1

Circus 2

Met a fellow Canadian who was doing a circus show. Got to chat with him after his performance. I hadn't been having too many long conversations in Osaka due to the language barrier!

Gundam Cafe 1

Gundam Cafe 2

Gundam Cafe 3

Gundam Cafe 4

Gundam Cafe 5

Gundam Cafe 6

Gundam Cafe 7

Gundam Cafe 8

After leaving Osaka Expo Park I noticed the giant Gundam statue and had to check out the cafe. I was very happy when I realized the music in the cafe was the intro themes of different Gundam shows, seemingly played in order of the show's release.

Stardom 1

Stardom 2

My very first Stardom show was fantastic! I also learned the secret of getting the most out of a joshi show. You simply befriend a Russian super-fan and he will show you how to do everything properly.

Osaka Ramen 1

Osaka Ramen 2

Back to Dotonbori for some ramen to end my day!

I got a lot of stuff in on this day including making a new friend!

This is my day 25 post for #100daystooffload


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