Trip to Japan 2020: Ultimate Edition

January 9, 2020

Nakano Broadway 1

Nakano Broadway 2

Nakano Broadway 3

Nakano Broadway 4

Nakano Broadway 5

It's my last full day in Tokyo so I'm going to explore Nakano Broadway. After experiencing my first okonomiyaki it was time to shop till I am smashed over the head with a light tube! Checked out some manga, lots of figures, blu-rays, and the Big Japan Pro Wrestling shop! Play some more rhythm games then check the time... huh, its been four hours!

Jiu Jitsu 1

Jiu Jitsu 2

Jiu Jitsu 3

Jiu Jitsu 4

After shopping in Nakano Broadway it was only a 45 minute walk to the Paraestra gym where Yuki Nakai was giving a seminar. When I arrived at the gym there was still around two hours until the seminar, so I decided to get some sushi because me not smart. I waited awkwardly outside the gym until somebody else went in for the seminar and then followed them in. In a strange twist I did not vomit from the previously eaten sushi! The introductory seminar covered some fundamentals + my beloved north-south choke! There was even one guy there that spoke English who I got to roll with.

Another full day in Tokyo that unfortunately was my last for this trip. No worries, there was more Japan to come!

This is my day 23 post for #100daystooffload


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